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Bespoke Curtains Or Ready Made Curtains

Bespoke Curtains or Ready Made Curtains? We will tell you all of the benefits that bespoke, made to measure curtains have over ready made curtains. There are quite a few things that make bespoke handmade curtains really special.


Bespoke Curtains Or Ready Made Curtains

I would like to tell you more about the benefits of custom made curtains against ready made curtains.

More Choice In Bespoke Custom Made Curtains Than Ready Made Curtains

One of the great benefits of having custom made curtains is that there is so much choice. Whereas with ready made curtains, you can be very limited on choice. Having bespoke curtains made, gives you the choice on fabric, colour, texture, pattern, heading style, linings, fit and much more. Having more choice will give you the perfect curtains for your home and interior without having to compromise.

Heading Styles

You will get a much wider choice of curtain headings with bespoke curtains. This is not the case with ready made curtains and choice is limited, as they generally have the eyelet option, the pencil pleat option and occasionally the tab top option. The much more timeless and desirable curtain headings come with custom made curtains.

Higher Quality Of Bespoke Curtains

I really love the high quality finish that bespoke curtains give. This is because we always source high quality curtain fabrics and work with experienced curtain makers. Although bespoke curtains often cost more than ready made curtains, they will last a lot longer and you can have exactly what you want without compromise.

Tailored Functionality

Every client has different requirements when it comes to their curtains or roman blinds. Having beautiful custom made curtains helps you to include every design detail in your new curtains. You may want a blackout lining to keep your room dark or an interlining to create really think luxurious and cosy look. Or you may want some light flowy curtains to keep a bright, airy and summery feel within your home.

Made To Measure Curtains Give The Perfect Fit

With custom made curtains, you are guaranteed a perfect exact fit for your windows or doors every time. Whereas with ready made shop bought curtains, you do not always have that perfect fit. This is because shop bought curtains come in standard sizes and you generally just pick the size closest to your window size.

Bespoke Curtains Last Longer

In experience as an interior designer, I have found that bespoke made to measure curtains generally last longer. This is due to the quality of the materials and the care and craftmanship put into the making of the curtains.


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