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Caring For Your Curtains Cleaning Your Curtains

Caring for your curtains is really important if you would like them to last. If your curtains ever start to get a little dirty and you would like to keep them clean, here are a few tips for caring for your curtains to keep them looking beautiful.


Caring For Your Curtains – Before Starting

Take your curtains down carefully, removing all hooks and other curtain accessories. If your curtains are particularly dusty, you can shake them or give them a light careful clean with the hoover, using an appropriate vacuum attachment.


Always Check The Curtain Care Instructions

For curtains that have a curtain care label, always refer to the instructions for the correct curtain care. With beautiful handmade curtains, always ensure that you get proper care instructions from the curtain maker. At Antonia Lowe Curtains, we will always provide you with care instructions specific to your curtain fabric, as all curtain fabrics are different and require different cleaning techniques.


Clean And Wash With Care

Some curtain fabrics, you can wash on a low temperature, usually 30 degrees. If you are machine washing nets, voile curtains or curtains made with a delicate fabric, please try to use laundry bags or a pillow case to protect the fabric.

Other curtains are hand wash only using cool water and a mild detergent. Always ensure that the detergent is fully dissolved before placing your curtains into the water. If you are hand washing, swirl your curtains around in the cool soapy water for around 10 minutes, before draining the soapy water and thoroughly rinsing the curtains until all of the soap has gone. You do not need to scrub at the fabric as this could damage it. Also you do not need to wring it out as it may cause creases.

Some fabrics are dry clean only and your local dry cleaner will know how to clean your curtains for you. We will always let you know the care instructions for your curtains. We want to ensure that you use the correct cleaning technique.


Drying Your Curtains

The best way to dry your curtains is on the washing line if you are able to. If you have a heavier curtain fabric, the drying process can take quite a while, so try to put them out on a breezy sunny day.


Ironing Or Pressing Your Curtains

Once dry, following the care instructions, you can iron or press your curtains to get rid of any unwanted wrinkles in the curtain fabric. And now you can rehang your beautiful curtains. Remember to give your pole a once over to clean off all of the dust to keep your curtains cleaner for longer.


Top Tip For Caring For Your Curtains Without Taking Them Down

Something that I do at home occasionally is to give my curtains a simple clean while they are still up. Maybe every three to four months, it’s good to keep your curtains looking fresh. You can do this by giving them a clean with the hoover, using the correct attachment. There are occasionally some fabrics that cannot be washed. You can clean these by using the upholstery attachment on a steam cleaner.


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