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Different Curtain Heading Styles

Different Curtain Heading Styles

There are so many beautiful curtain headings to choose from, all of which will give you a different beautiful curtain look for your interior. I love that there are so many different curtain heading styles and pleats to choose from, and I love that everyone likes a different look for their curtains.


Different Curtain Heading Styles And Types For You To Choose From

Here are some tips to help you choose your perfect curtain heading for your curtains, with a little explanation about each style.


Pencil Pleat

A pencil pleat curtain heading lives up to its name, with a neat row of pencils gathered at the top of the curtains. This can be hung using either a curtain track or a curtain pole. This heading gives a lovely neat finish to your curtains, and this heading style is very versatile and looks stunning in both contemporary and traditional homes.

Pencil Pleat Curtain Heading Style


Wave Pleat

Wave headings are just stunning as the flow so beautifully. The wave pleat curtain headings do need a specialist curtain pole or curtain track, and are perfect for a contemporary home interior.  This is a very stylish curtain heading which gives a beautiful gentle soft rippling effect. Lighter cotton fabrics drape really well using this heading style. The wave pleat heading is stunning when used in an interior which has a glass window wall or a large window. When open, it moves back perfectly, helping to maximise the light coming into your home.

Wave Pleat Curtain Heading Style


Double Pinch Pleat and Triple Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleat curtain headings are beautiful and really popular curtain heading styles. A pinch pleat curtain heading will give a stylish permanent pleat to your curtains. Although you can hang on a track or a curtain pole, pinch pleats often look best when hung beneath a pole. Both the double pinch pleat and the triple pinch pleat provide an elegant tailored look, and this style looks equally as beautiful in a modern or traditional interior.

Pinch Pleat Curtain Heading Style


Goblet Pleat

The goblet pleat curtain heading is a beautiful decorative heading. They feature a line of goblet shaped details along the top of the curtains. This heading is ideal for more traditional and classic interiors, it looks particularly stunning in manor houses and homes with higher window heights. The goblet style heading works beautifully with thick fabrics or silk fabrics. And can be hung either on a curtain pole or a track.

Goblet Pleat Curtain Heading Style


Rod Gathered

A rod gathered pleat offers a really informal style to your curtains, and it will work best with lightweight fabrics due to the way that it gathers on the curtain pole. If choosing this heading, it is best for curtains that are not used as often because of the friction between the fabric and the pole, it is wonderful for decorative purposes.

Rod Gathered Curtains


Tab Top

A tab top heading gives a beautiful simple contemporary look to your curtains. The curtain pole threads through the tabs, forming gentle soft folds. The tab top is not suitable for interiors where you need to eliminate the light from getting in. The the light will come through between the tab tops and the main part of the curtains. These can be a lovely alternative to eyelets, as they provide the same easy hanging method.

Tab Top Curtains


Eyelets can give a modern contemporary finish to your curtains. The curtain pole threads through the eyelets which is a really convenient, easy way to hang your curtains. Eyelets are available in many different finishes to complement your interior décor, such as silver, chrome, brass or stainless finishes. Eyelet curtains are only used with a curtain pole. They are not suitable for bay windows or with pelmets and valances etc.

Although convenient for hanging and supposedly modern, eyelets are actually going out of fashion. They are not that popular for curtains and interiors at the moment. The wave pleat and the tab top are taking over as the new modern contemporary curtain styles. An set of eyelet curtains feels quite nautical.

Eyelet Curtains


Different Curtain Heading Styles And My Favourite Curtain Heading Style

I think my favourite has to be the Triple Pinch Pleat. I love it because I feel that this style is so elegant and I love the detail in the pleats. My second favourite is the Wave Pleat.

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Your Favourite Curtain Heading Styles?

Please let us know in the comments which is your favourite curtain heading?

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