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Colourful Curtains Can Transform Your Room

Colourful curtains can really transform your room. Especially if you love mostly neutral coloured interiors, but like to add an accent colour to your room. Pain, wallpaper and upholstered furnishings like sofas are a really easy way to add colour to your room, however they are more difficult to change. Accent colours work really well as curtains or roman blinds, other smaller soft furnishings or home accessories.


Colourful Curtains Can Transform Your Room

Thinking about the psychology of colour is really important when designing an interior space, especially as an accent colour. Modern vibrant curtains and cushions are not just an excellent way to add colour, but these are much simpler to change if you ever decide you would like to try a different accent colour.

I really love having an accent colour in my home. For me, even if it’s a seasonal colour change, for example a neutral interior with blue accents in curtains and cushions for the warmer seasons and some blush tones for the colder seasons. This would mean having multiple sets of curtains, but some people love to change their interior style every so often. That is the great thing about having a more neutral interior.

Colour can evoke different emotions and create a different atmosphere and aesthetic for that particular season. Some people like to change their accent colour around Christmas to more festive colours. It’s all down to personal preference though.


Please let us know in the comments below, what is your favourite colour? Do you have an accent colour in your home?


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