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Curtain Lengths How Long Should Curtains Be?

The correct curtain lengths depend on a variety of different factors including; window style, window shape, window style, decorative style, curtain style and personal preference.


Curtain Lengths

There are different curtain lengths, depending on your style and preferences. As a professional interior designer, I find it is best to go with full floor length curtains where possible. Long curtains offer a more complete finished look to an interior. However, this is not always possible, so here are a few factors to think about, which may help with your decision about the the curtain length you choose.


Floor Length Curtains

Floor length curtains really complete your window dressing. They have a really elegant style to them, and there are so many beautiful curtain headings to choose from. They can have a more formal look to them, but are a very popular style that is completely timeless.

With length, they can either skim the floor or stop slightly short by a centimetre or two depending on your preference. Personally, I prefer them to skim the floor, as otherwise I think they can look too short. However, for higher windows and larger interiors, puddling can look beautiful. Where there is extra fabric, making the curtains extra long, so that they form a stunning gathering of fabric at the bottom.


Sill Length Curtains

Sill length curtains end at the bottom of your window, or a couple centimetres below the sill, depending on preference. I would advise having your sill length curtains slightly below the sill where possible for a more finished neat look. Sill length curtains can be best for styling windows with window seats, large window sills or  where a radiator is located directly underneath your window. Also a sill length curtain style offers quite an informal look. They complement country style interiors and homes, and children’s bedrooms or playrooms really well.


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