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Curtain Safety Tips For You And Your Home

There are some curtain safety tips to consider to keep you and your curtains safe. We all want to keep ourselves, our families and our pets safe. Here are some tips for curtain safety in your home.


Curtain Safety Tips To Keep Children Safe

If you have children, here are some curtain safety tips to keep your little ones safe. If you have floor length curtains, tiebacks are great to keep them out of the way of little hands. It’s very important to ensure that the tiebacks are secure so children cannot get caught or climb the curtains. You do also need to make sure the curtain pole is very secure to the wall. Although short curtains do not always look as nice, they can be great for safety in very young children’s bedrooms. However, I have noticed that a lot of clients like a roman blind for young children’s bedrooms. Roman blinds still require safety considerations though. It’s very important to ensure that the safety feature is fitted to keep the cords or chains out of reach of children.


Curtain Safety Tips To Keep Pets Safe

Our pets are really a part of our family and we really want to keep them safe. Curtains are sometimes seen as toys that cats and dogs would love to play with and swing on. Some of the same curtain safety tips and are important for children are the same for our pets. Sometimes pets can accidentally cause damage to curtains without meaning to. The best way to keep your floor length curtains safe is to use tiebacks, as it keeps the curtains more out of the way to avoid the temptation of cute little paws. Roman blinds can be a wonderful alternative.


Furniture And Curtain Safety

It’s really important to keep certain furniture away from curtains, furniture that can allow small children to climb up the curtains is not ideal. It’s just best to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Also some furniture allows an opportunity for the curtains to become caught and therefore damaged. Softer furniture is generally okay near curtains, but harder furniture can snag on the curtains.


Fire Safety And Your Curtains

Fire safety is important for all homes, we all know it’s basically common sense, but sometimes we may forget. If you love lighting beautifully fragrant candles, always keep away from your curtains, as far away as possible. Also it’s never good to have curtains near an open fireplace. Occasionally some fabrics are treated with a fire retardant coating, this does not mean they are safe to keep near open flames.


Keeping Your Curtains Clean

Curtain cleanliness is actually really important for your health, your families health and your pets health. We are all a bit guilty of regular curtain cleaning, people tend to clean our curtains every year or two. Curtain fabric accumulates dust particles quite easily, as well as allergens from the air, and sometimes mould and mildew. This can build up over time and cause health problems for you, your family and your pets. Your curtains do not need to be washed weekly or anything that dramatic. It’s recommended that your curtains have a deep clean twice per year, if your curtains can be washed or dry cleaned. Always read the care instructions of the curtains and curtain fabric. It can be great to shake and hoover certain curtains gently with the correct vacuum attachment to give them a quick clean.

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