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Curtains Control Temperature In Your Home

Curtains Control Temperature In Your Home in some really simple and effective ways. Curtains can really help you control the temperature of your home. These tips are fantastic for both Summer and Winter. As we are currently in Winter, this could not be a better time to share. There is nothing worse than feeling too cold in the Winter or too hot in the Summer.


Curtains Control Temperature In Your Home

Whether you have a big room or a small room, your curtains can really help you to regulate temperature. With these curtain temperature control tips, you can feel just right.


Keeping Your Home At A Warm Temperature In The Winter

It’s really important to stay warm and cosy during those cold UK winter months. Curtains provide fantastic insulation to keep you warm in the Winter. When the temperature outside is colder than inside, to maximise warmth and minimise heat loss, the curtains should be fitted as close to the window as possible, covering as much of the glass as possible. The thicker the curtain fabric you choose, the more effectively and efficiently it will keep the heat inside your home and exclude draughts. Think about having an interling in your curtains to provide extra thickness and warmth. Always keep curtains closed in the evenings and at night to keep the heat in. Then open during the day to make the most of the little warmth that will still come from the daylight.


Curtains Block Out The Heat In The Summer

Sometimes during those warm summer months (or the 4 days of summer that we get in the UK), your home can become very warm. I would like to share a couple of tips on how to keep your room cooler. Although blackout curtain linings are great for shutting out the light to help you sleep, they are also effective in keeping you cool. Blackout curtain linings can help reduce the heat of the summer sun coming in through the window by 30% – 35%. Having a blackout lining in your curtains or roman blinds will help to make a considerable difference in keeping your home cooler.


Controlling Temperature In Your Home – When To Keep Your Curtains Closed

One of the best ways to minimise the temperature in your room during the warm weather is to use your curtains or roman blinds strategically. This depends on which direction your windows are facing. In the morning, close the curtains of east facing windows to prevent the heat from getting in. Then in the afternoon, open those curtains and close the curtains of west facing windows. The trick is to follow the sun. This helps to prevent your home from taking in too much heat from outside. If you are going out, I would recommend closing all of your curtains if you would like to return to a cool comfortable home.


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