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Curtains Questions And Answers 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful 2020, and I hope 2021 is even better. As it’s the end of the year, I decided to do a curtains questions and answers. Thank you to everyone who sent me a curtain related question to answer.


Curtain Questions And Answers

What is your favourite colour?

I absolutely love all shades of blue. Blue is a beautiful timeless colour that works really well in most interiors, and can also be a lovely accent colour. There are some stunning blue curtain fabrics. I also love greys and neutrals, even with blue accents. Again, there are so many amazing grey, silver and neutral curtain fabrics.


What sort of fabric is your favourite for curtains?

With regards to style and design of curtain fabric, I love something with a subtle pattern, plains, geometrics and some florals. I love all fabric really, so this is a difficult one for me. I love a natural and synthetic fibre blend, such as a cotton, linen and polyester curtain fabric blend. This is because, you still get the natural element with the added benefit of a synthetic fibre lasting longer. It also feels lovely to touch. I also like nice thick curtains with a lining and an interlining for extra curtain luxury.


Where do you get your curtain fabrics from?

I order all of the beautiful curtain fabrics from all of my amazing fabric suppliers. I have around 200 designer fabric books with stunning fabrics to choose from. My clients look through the books, we choose a curtain fabric, then I order it.


What is your favourite curtain heading?

The triple pinch pleat heading has to be my favourite curtain heading. I love it because it has a stylish pleat and the design is truly timeless. This curtain pleat works well in both modern and traditional homes. It is actually the one that most of my interior design clients love as well. We make a lot of triple pinch pleat curtains for our wonderful interior design clients.


What is your least favourite curtain heading?

Eyelets are currently my least favourite curtain heading because they are going out of fashion in interior design. They are less popular than ever as they do not sit as well as other curtain styles when hung on a curtain pole.


What is your favourite curtain length?

In my opinion, the best curtain length is always floor length curtains where you can. They have a really elegant style to them and are completely timeless. Floor length curtains really complete an interior.


What are your favourite curtains that you made this year?

I really love the beautiful triple pinch pleat curtains made with the Volta Surge Galvanized fabric from Today Interiors. It is such a beautiful curtain fabric and I have worked with it a few times. I actually get requests for curtains using this fabric.


Thank you for reading my curtains questions and answers. Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021.


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