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Do Curtains Need To Be Lined?

Curtains are an essential part of our interior décor in our homes. And having the right curtains is important for both you, your home and your needs. They need to look beautiful in form and work for you in functionality. So here we ask, do our curtains need to be lined?

As a professional interior designer, having a lot of experience with curtains, I believe that without doubt curtains need to be lined. This is for many reasons which I will outline below.


Do Curtains Need To Be Lined?

Lined curtains means that there is an additional lining or linings added to the main curtain fabric. The choice of lining can be multifunctional depending on your needs. And also the look you would like to achieve with your curtain style in your home.

Sometimes curtain linings are just for decoration and styling purposes. This can be to add a bit of extra weight or depth to your curtains to make them sit better on the pole and the window. However, linings can also be used functionally as well. This can be to insulate against losing heat, to block the light, to control temperature or to cancel or reduce noise.

Additionally, lined curtains offer more privacy due to the extra thickness of the fabric. This helps both visually and as sound proofing. Another benefit of lined curtains is that they usually last a lot longer than unlined curtains. This is because having a lining prevents the curtain fabric from fading or discolouring.


My Favourite Way To Line Curtains

I love having interlining in curtains because it adds that little bit of extra luxury to them. I also like to add a blackout lining specifically if curtains are to be used in a bedroom. It is nice to be able to sleep in darkness. Also depending on the colour and design of the curtain fabric, I quite like a pale grey lining, and a lot of my clients do also. Not only does it look beautiful, a grey lining can be particularly practical if you have pets, as it stays cleaner for longer. I really love lined curtains. There are so many beautiful curtain linings to choose from.


If you are thinking of having some new curtains and would like to look at some curtain linings, please contact us for more information or to book your free curtain design consultation. There are so many curtain fabrics and linings to choose from, so we will find something perfect for you.

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