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How Curtains Can Make Your Room Look Bigger

Have you ever wondered How Curtains Can Make Your Room Look Bigger? Even if you have a small room, it doesn’t necessarily have to feel small, you can make it look bigger with your curtain choices. These same rules can be applied if you already have a big room that you would like to make appear larger.


How Curtains Can Make Your Room Look Bigger

Believe it or not, your curtains can actually make your room look bigger. This is especially useful if you live in quite a small home. Here are a few tips on how your curtains can make your room interior appear bigger.


Pole Placement

Placing your curtain pole closer to the ceiling makes your room interior appear taller than it is. This is great if you would like to add the feeling of height to your room. Choosing floor to ceiling curtains lengthens the walls visually, making the room feel much larger than it is.



Plain, light pale coloured curtains, very pale patterned fabric or horizontal striped curtains are the best for small rooms. It is best to avoid dark colours for curtain fabrics as they will absorb the light instead of reflecting it. And darker tones tend to push towards you more, making a room feel smaller.


Voile Curtains

Voile curtains are also a great choice for small rooms, as they allow loads of natural light to pour into the room. My home office studio has voile curtains, as I like to have as much natural light as possible while working. They also filter the natural light in such a beautiful way.


Tie Backs

If you have a regular curtain fabric rather than voile curtains, tie backs can really help to make the most of the natural light coming into the room. Choose something that complements your curtain fabric for an elegant look.


Are You Looking For Curtains To Make Your Room Look Bigger?

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