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How To Choose Tiebacks For Your Curtains

Finishing touches are really important when it comes to your home interior and dressing your windows. You can get some really beautiful curtain tiebacks. Here I would like to talk a bit about how to choose tiebacks for your curtains, as they come in all different styles and designs. I will also talk about how they complement your curtains and your interior.


What Are Curtain Tiebacks?

Curtain tiebacks are both decorative accessories and functional hold backs for your curtains. They pull back your curtains for both functional and decorative purposes. They also add a great finishing touch to your curtains and allow more light to enter the room. Curtain tiebacks can be purchased directly from us. If you would like to see some more examples, please contact us.


How To Choose Tiebacks For Your Curtains

As an interior designer, I think it is really important to find the right tiebacks for your curtains and your interior. Choosing to have tiebacks or not is down to personal preference. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing curtain tiebacks to complement your beautiful new curtains.

  • For heavier curtains, go for curtain tiebacks that are larger and bulkier in size. A heavy fabric, fully lined set of curtains will require very thick strong tiebacks or heavy metal holdbacks, which you install on the wall. These make beautiful ornamental and decorative features as well.
  • Choose curtain tiebacks that complement your interior décor. You can choose tiebacks that work with the accent colours in your interior. For example if you have navy blue curtains and navy and silver accents in your interior, you could choose tiebacks that are a mix of navy and silver. Or even just silver on its own.
  • Curtain tiebacks are placed at either side of the window to hold your curtains back. If you choose vibrant and contrasting colours, they will stand out from the curtains when resting against the wall. However, if you prefer a more subtle blended look, choose a colour that complements your curtains and wall colour. This can be achieved by choosing curtains and tiebacks in the same colour tonal range as your wall colour. This will give you a well coordinated look for your room. Alternatively, if you like a more bold statement, you can find some really stunning eye catching curtain tiebacks.
  • The curtain tiebacks that you choose should reflect your style, taste and personality in your home. If you love the elegant feel, opt for beaded or metallic tiebacks. Or if you like the more traditional look, choose tiebacks with beautiful decorative tassels or fringes. For something more modern and contemporary, simple rope tiebacks look stunning.


Ordering Curtain Tiebacks

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