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How To Dress A Bay Window Curtains Or Blinds?

If you have a bay window in your home, these tips are great if you are unsure of how you would like to dress and style your bay window. A bay window is such a beautiful feature for your home. And it deserves to be able to stand out, but sometimes it can be difficult to choose how to dress and style your bay window to look its very best.

Bay windows are mostly in period or traditional properties. However, some more modern houses now use them to create a stunning feature window. I really love bay windows. Especially because they allow a lot of natural light to flood into your interior. And they are even better if you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view outside to look at.

One of the most difficult thing about having a bay window is finding the right curtains or blinds to fit the window correctly. As well as complementing your interior design style. Here are a few little tips to help you.


Choosing Curtains Or Blinds To Dress A Bay Window

Whether you choose curtains or blinds, really depends on your style and the purpose that you would like your curtains or blinds to serve. Curtains are the more traditional option for a bay window with a more traditional style of curtain heading. Curtains are easier to match with and complement other fabrics and textures within the interior, and they frame your bay window beautifully. For me curtains are my personal favourite option. However waterfall roman blinds also look beautiful in bay windows, and are a mix between modern and traditional. You can also go for a combination of curtains and roman blinds depending on your style and the window. Shutters are also an option for if you prefer that ultra modern look in your home.

Curtain poles or curtain tracks can be made bespoke to fit any bay window. If you are looking for curtain poles, please contact us for more information, as we have a huge selection of designs and styles to choose from.


Selecting The Right Style

As an interior designer, I would suggest selecting a dressing style that complements the rest of your interior within the room where you have the bay window. It’s very important that the style and type of curtains or blinds match the purpose and needs of the space. The outside view should also be taken into consideration. You may want additional privacy if located on a busy street or something less private if you have a wonderful countryside view. This means considering the thickness of curtains or blinds that you wish to have. We can help you with this, we offer a free, no obligation curtain design consultation.


Making A Statement

For your window to stand out, you can achieve this in either a subtle or bold way with your choice of curtain fabrics. If subtle, plains, light textures and simple patterns, combined with a stunning curtain heading can add that elegant touch while still making a statement. If you love more vibrant or bold fabrics, selecting a bright colour or intense patterned fabrics. This can really make a bold statement. However, it’s down to personal taste, personal style and choosing a curtain fabric that complements the interior.


How To Dress A Bay Window – Additional Dressing Features

A bay window doesn’t have to be on its own. It can be made into even more of a beautiful feature by adding more functional pieces, such as;

A comfy window seat with cushions (a lovely place to sit and look out of the window).
A pair of occasional chairs with a little table in between (great for those who love reading).
A storage bench with padded seating and cushions on top (brilliant for those who need the storage).
A shelf or dresser that sits below the sill (depending on your style of bay window).

Therefore, a bay window can become a beautiful centrepiece to an interior.

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