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How To Pair Curtains With Shutters

How To Pair Curtains With Shutters: The Benefits

There are so many wonderful benefits to having shutters with curtains. We would like to share a bit about How To Pair Curtains With Shutters. Not only do they look beautiful, but they give so much more than just aesthetic value. Although shutters look lovely on their own (particularly if you love minimalist interiors), pairing them with curtains offers many more benefits. Shutters alone provide insulation, soundproofing, light control and privacy. And adding curtains with linings provides additional insulation, soundproofing and blackout qualities. Curtains also soften the interior against the hard surface of the shutters.


Choose Your Shutters First

If you decide to have both curtains and shutters in your home, always choose and install the shutters first. This is especially important if you are styling and dressing bare windows, as you will get the benefit of instant privacy in your home. Having your shutters put in first allows you to ensure you hang the curtain pole in the correct position for hanging your curtains. If you would like to talk more about shutter styles, please let us know.


Think About Colour

Sometimes, it can be a difficult decision of what colours to choose for your combination of curtains and shutters. We would love to help you with this and here are some quick tips. Curtains and shutters in neutral colours will give you a brighter, more airy room. Whereas more contrasting bolder or vibrant colours will draw your eye to the window and create a much cosier space. Lighter coloured shutters generally work best as you can pair most curtain fabrics and patterns with them, both neutral and bold.


Choosing Your Perfect Curtains

Now that you have chosen and installed your beautiful shutters, you can now choose your beautiful curtains. A top tip for choosing your curtains to ensure your room always looks amazing is to have a set of high quality lined floor length curtains. Floor length curtains always look best when pairing shutters with curtains. Generally it’s best to avoid transparent curtains, but they can work in certain circumstances if you just plan on having them for decorative purposes. If you have chosen fairly neutral shutters, most curtain fabrics will work well with them. Whether a neutral, bold, patterned or vibrant curtain fabric, we can find something that will work perfectly in your home.


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