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The Benefits Of Voiles And Sheer Curtains

Voiles and sheer curtains are truly beautiful and I would love to tell you some of the benefits of voile and sheer curtains. Modern voiles and sheer curtains are really on trend at the moment and are continuing to become more popular. They are now becoming a timeless window treatment and a wonderful alternative to regular curtains.


The Benefits Of Voiles And Sheer Curtains

There are many benefits to having voiles or sheer curtains, some you wouldn’t necessarily think to be true, but they are.


Although you might think that voiles do not provide much privacy or UV protection, this is not really true. They actually provide privacy whilst letting the light come into the room. This is great for rooms that need more natural light. Although you can see out, people generally can’t see in.

Maximising Natural Light

As voiles are a much lighter fabric than traditional curtains, the fabric allows the daylight to filter into the room. The light fabric creates an elegant airy atmosphere in the room during the day. However, they still provide enough coverage to maintain your privacy. I currently have voile curtains in my office/design studio, as I like to have as much natural light as possible when working.

UV Protection

The great thing about voiles and sheer curtains is that they let plenty of healthy light into the room whilst blocking out harmful UV rays. You can also pair voile curtains with regular curtains by placing the voiles behind the normal curtains on a separate track.

Voile And Sheer Curtain Care

Voile and sheer curtains are really easy to care for. All you generally need to do with them is to brush them down or shake them outside to get rid of any unwanted dust. They don’t seem to collect as much debris as regular curtains.

Choice Of Style

There are so many styles to choose from and so many different voile and sheer fabrics available. You can even choose a curtain heading as you would with regular curtains. Colour and pattern possibilities are endless.


As voiles and sheers are a lightweight fabric, they are usually made from 100% cotton or cotton and polyester blends. They are not as expensive as regular heavy curtain fabrics, so you can get bespoke ones for a really good price.


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