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What Are Roman Blinds?

What Are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are made from fabric which is designed to create pleats when raised up. They are constructed by mounting rods within the back of the fabric and connecting them to cords. When raised, the cords pull the slats or rods upwards to create beautiful waterfall pleats.

All different types of fabrics can be used to make roman blinds, from cotton and linen, to silks and synthetic fabrics, or even natural and synthetic fabric blends. Roman blinds are a wonderful alternative to curtains. Like with curtains, you can choose from a variety of linings to suit you and your home.


Fitting A Roman Blind

A roman blind can either be fitted outside or inside of the recess of the window. This is either down to personal choice or sometimes the constraints of the window location within the interior space. Where possible though, we would really recommend fitting your roman blind outside of the window recess. As this allows for more light to enter the room, as well as being a little easier to fit. Also, the fabric is less likely to fade from the sunlight.

Roman blinds don’t just look beautiful, they are functionally really easy to use. Always ensure you have the correct safety cords and features fitted when choosing blinds for child and pet curtain and blind safety. There is something perfect to suit all budgets, affordability is mostly dependant on the fabric choice and size of your roman blind.


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