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Wooden Or Metal Curtain Pole

So wooden or metal curtain pole? The right decorative curtain pole can really make your curtains look even more beautiful. And they can really add a finishing touch to a room. Here is a bit more about wooden and metal curtain poles to help you with your pole choice.


Wooden Or Metal Curtain Pole

There are so many different styles of curtain poles to choose from, both within the wooden selection and the metal selection.

Wooden Curtain Poles

Wooden curtain poles, such as those made of oak, walnut or pine wood can really give an interior a classic or tradition feel and add a little extra character to the room. They are also great for supporting the weight of heavy curtains, and look particularly amazing above really large windows. Wooden poles also can vary a lot in diameter, larger sizes are more appropriate for bigger windows, and thinner for smaller windows.

Metal Curtain Poles

Metal curtain poles often offer a more modern contemporary look and feel. However some metals and style of pole lend themselves perfectly to more classic traditional interiors as well. A metal curtain pole is very durable and is also great for supporting heavy curtains. These poles can also come in a variety of diameters for bigger and smaller windows. For very large windows, metal poles often require a middle support.


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